ASA Global Security Overview

ASA Global Security’s team has a wealth of experience, training and technical know-how, which combined with a proven network of security professionals, enables us to provide personalized and efficient services throughout the world.

In a span of ten years ASA Global Security has developed an ever-growing and distinguished list of clients for whom we provide a wide range of specialized as well as general aviation security services.

Whether it is crisis management, ground transport, air, marine or event security, ASA can assist with any of your concerns promptly and efficiently. We also handle just about every other form of personal security and corporate security issues that you may require from personal investigations to employee background screening and terrorism insurance evaluations to travel and logistics security.

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ASA Global Security Services

If you have any security or investigative issues of any kind that you need help with then please get in touch with us right away so we can assess your needs and offer a solution. We have a much more comprehensive list of our services with details on how these services can help protect individuals and assets around the world.

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